C S Lewis on Heaven

On heaven

The symbols under which Heaven is presented to us are (a) a dinner party, (b) a wedding, (c) a city, and (d) a concert. It would be grotesque to suppose that the guests or citizens or members of the choir didn’t know one another. And how can love of one another be commanded in this life if it is to be cut short at death?

Think of yourself just as a seed patiently waiting in the earth: waiting to come up a flower in the Gardener’s good time, up into the real world, the real waking. I suppose that our whole present life, looked back on from there, will seem only a drowsy half- waking. We are here in the land of dreams. But cock-crow is coming.

From The Collected Letters of C.S. Lewis, Volume III
Compiled in Words to Live By


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Book 2: A Saint in the Eternal City

Book 2 in the Believe in Love series, A Saint in the Eternal City, is at OakTara for those of you waiting for the sequel. Thanks for your patience. Sometimes it’s a waiting game, but the book’s in the line-up to be published. I want to take the opportunity to thank those who wrote (and continue to write) encouraging letters and reviews about A Gentile in Deseret. I hope my new book is as satisfying. It was fun to write about a different setting; in case you hadn’t guessed, I love Italy. Rumors fly that a third book is taking shape into a final novel about these characters. Could be true, but final? We’ll see.


C. S. Lewis

We do know that no man can be saved except through Christ; we do not know that only those who know Him can be saved through Him. But in the meantime, if you are worried about the people outside, the most unreasonable thing you can do is to remain outside yourself. Christians are Christ’s body, the organism through which He works. Every addition to that body enables Him to do more. If you want to help those outside you must add your own little cell to the body of Christ who alone can help them. Cutting off a man’s fingers would be an odd way of getting him to do more work.

From Mere Christianity
Compiled in A Year with C.S. Lewis

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On Suffering by Oswald Chambers

“We have to be careful lest we take on the religious pose, or the evangelical pose, or the denominational pose, or any pose that is not real, when we come across suffering in which there is no deliverance and no illumination. The only thing to do is to be reverent with what we do not understand. The basis of things is tragic: therefore God must find the way out, or there is no way out. Human reasoning and a human diagnosis of things will do exactly what Job’s friends did: belittle the grief.” (from Baffled to Fight Better, 67 L)

Lord of Heaven, help me in my human-ness never to belittle grief, never to try to fix something only you can take care of: Your way, Your timing, Your mercy. Suffering bothers me. It baffles me and my mustard-seed faith. I have to grow in faith that You alone are El Roi, the all-seeing God and trust You completely, wholly. Help me to say the right thing with reverence and honor in the midst of pain, and to know when to say nothing but to stand. Just to stand.

A Gentile in Deseret

My first YA romance in the Believe in Love series is published at last! “A Gentile in Deseret” is NOW available at OakTara.com and OakTara’s FaceBook store.

It’s a “What if?” story: What if a young Evangelical Christian guy moves to Utah and falls for a gorgeous LDS girl? The idea began several years ago when our family moved to the suburbs north of Salt Lake City. (You’re reading the word ‘Deseret’ correctly; I didn’t know it meant Utah, either, until I moved there.) My first year was filled with cultural contrast almost as if we were in a foreign country. Living in an area of 85% LDS people, many of whom were kind, gracious, caring, salt-of-the-earth people, I still found myself outside a wall, living on Gentile Street.

My character, Alex Campagnaro, feels the same way. He enables me to confide my musings and observations living amongst the LDS people as a born-again Christian. My Mormon character, Jennalee, surprises me at times because she expresses my own background raised in a large church/religion; universal feelings that I know well because religion is religion.

In Utah, I befriended a number of beautiful and intelligent women, friends with whom I longed to have open discussions with about our beliefs, without defensiveness, only love. Those discussions only happened in my head until I wrote the book. I thank the Lord for the years in Utah and the growth and change that could only happen as a gentile in Deseret, so that He could mold me to write about all of us, Mormon and Gentile alike, in authentic relationship with Him.

“A Gentile in Deseret” will soon be sold at online outlets like Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Christianbook.com. Also available as an e-book at Amazon.