My first YA romance in the Believe in Love series is published at last! “A Gentile in Deseret” is NOW available at and OakTara’s FaceBook store.

It’s a “What if?” story: What if a young Evangelical Christian guy moves to Utah and falls for a gorgeous LDS girl? The idea began several years ago when our family moved to the suburbs north of Salt Lake City. (You’re reading the word ‘Deseret’ correctly; I didn’t know it meant Utah, either, until I moved there.) My first year was filled with cultural contrast almost as if we were in a foreign country. Living in an area of 85% LDS people, many of whom were kind, gracious, caring, salt-of-the-earth people, I still found myself outside a wall, living on Gentile Street.

My character, Alex Campagnaro, feels the same way. He enables me to confide my musings and observations living amongst the LDS people as a born-again Christian. My Mormon character, Jennalee, surprises me at times because she expresses my own background raised in a large church/religion; universal feelings that I know well because religion is religion.

In Utah, I befriended a number of beautiful and intelligent women, friends with whom I longed to have open discussions with about our beliefs, without defensiveness, only love. Those discussions only happened in my head until I wrote the book. I thank the Lord for the years in Utah and the growth and change that could only happen as a gentile in Deseret, so that He could mold me to write about all of us, Mormon and Gentile alike, in authentic relationship with Him.

“A Gentile in Deseret” will soon be sold at online outlets like,, and Also available as an e-book at Amazon.